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About us
we produce safe, high quality mushrooms 

Champ Fungi Group 

  • Champ Fungi Sdn Bhd founded in 2002 for cultivation of Button & Portabello (Agaricus Sp) in Telok Gong, Malaysia.
  • The objective is to sell/deliver freshly picked mushrooms within the region, especially in East Asia, within 6 hours by road or by air.  Mushrooms are delivered to the market place
    within 24 hrs of picking 
  • Together with our integrated cool chain system, our mushrooms reach customers fresh and has longer shelf life, vs imported mushrooms that need to be picked, delivered to exporters, fly more than 10 hrs (no cool chain) and arrive at the market
    place 48 to 72 hrs later w/o proper cool chain
  • We also vacuum cool our mushrooms immediately after picking to stop the respiration rate (ageing), hence preserving the freshness better 
  • Champ Fungi Pte Ltd was established in 2006 to cover the sales & distribution for Singapore market
  • Now within the Champ Fungi Group, we have 17
    sister companies, they are either involved in growing/cultivation technology of mushrooms and lettuce or sales and distribution.  Located in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand & Holland
  • Over the years our group has diversified from cultivation of temperate vegetables and baby leaf lettuce to processing fresh cut vegetables, ready to eat salad to cultivating other exotic mushrooms such as Shiitake and King Oyster 
  • Being a vertically integrated organization is an advantage, especially in dealing with highly perishable products.  It help
    us to be in control both on the down stream and up stream of the supply chain
  • Today, our products are distributed across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Hong Kong and Taiwan
  • Our clients include major retailers such as
    • Dairy Farm Group
    • Aeon Group
    • Fairprice
    • Tesco
    • Makro
    • Costco
    • Sheng Shiong
    • ParkN Shop
    • Lulu
  • We also do wholesale, supplying to QSR and major hotels & restaurants, ship chandeliers & major catering outlets
  • We also work with overseas partners in getting other mushrooms and fresh produce to service the market such as Green Co. (www.greenpeacemushroom.com)
  • Today, we would like to be known as the leading company in fresh mushrooms, ready to eat salad, fresh cut, baby leaf & other exotic vegetables

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